Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Strange new lands~

Some people have asked me if other continents aside from Noches itself would appear. And to get straight to the point: YES, other continents will appear.

There's lots of potential with this world setting and exploring new lands is in the works. However, whether a North American-based continent or an European-based, I cannot decide. There are many aspects in the Legacy Cycle that can lead to either land. Such as the heritage of the Hispanians that remain back in 'Europe', and to the other option of North American-based continent, where it can be completely random or caused by a particular set of events.

The Legacy Cycle however will take its time with what goes on in Noches, and we will eventually see other worlds. However, not anytime soon for obvious reasons~

Ciao for now~

Sunday, July 28, 2013


Sorry for those who are ACTUALLY following my blog, but I was pretty busy with work and studying. Now that I got those out of the way, I am going to talk about more lore regarding the world of 'Noches'.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Colombian, Ecuadorian, Venezuelan, or Panamanian?

As many of you have been wondering, is Ruiz closer to Colombian, Ecuadorian, Venezuelan, or Panamanian background based on the reference culture? Well considering that his nation is based on the historical "Gran Colombia", its fair to say that he would be a mix mutt of them all.

Now while I am Colombian from my father's side, my readers believe that its biased towards Colombians which isn't entirely true. Its all a mix of those different/similar cultures all together which I promised to value equally if I was somewhat related to them as well by my heritage.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Hey hey, to those who actually follow my blog, you're likely wondering where the HELL I've been. Well...

My family lost their home and was forced to sell it in early November. This led to a bad chain of events where I have to now live with my cousins in order to finish college while my parents are moving to Atlanta GA. Well as you can guess, these last 3 months have bee terrible and to make matters worst, I lost my job (internship over in TERRIBLE timing), I had some social issues with my friends that were serve, AND,  I find out that my story that I re-uploaded due to errors by the first upload, had been my BAD copy. In fact, I had to recently re-edit the story almost entirely to fix the story because I meant to throw away my bad version of the story and deleted the good clean error free version. Hopefully the file itself is updated in time so that new buyers will get the better copy of my story....


Monday, November 26, 2012

Finding 'True' Joy~

It's hard to be happy if you're not pleased with the way how your life is running. But truth be told, our lives aren't perfect and no matter how successful we become in it, it still won't be satisfying enough. In the world of Noches, 'one' must invest a good portion of their lives in finding their true purpose and joy. Kinda like how you would see that stereotypical 'hero' in a old novel leaving his village to 'discover' himself.

For Ruiz however, he 'decided' what his purpose in life was: becoming King of Noches. But was that what he really wanted? Ruiz struggled with the possibility, (LIKELY possibility) that his faith wasn't to become King of Noches. But over time, he accepted the possibilities against his dreams while finding true happiness at the same time~ 

Thursday, October 11, 2012

The thing I hate in stories that I did in Rey de Noches

Now I am the type of writer (aspiring) who prefers to make every character, minor or major, unique each way. I never tend to give one a unfair advantage over another unless for specific reasons for the story's plot or overall character. For obvious reasons, this makes the favorable character more based on a reader's preference rather than who is 'stronger', 'wiser', etc. 

But there's the one stupid trait that at least one or more (or 'being(s)' if you will) have in common; they're corrupted cheeky bastards.

That's right, I didn't misspell (yet), most characters as you notice think of themselves higher than another in various ways. Whether a 'good' guy or a 'bad guy', they're pretty much what you would consider to be a Anikin Skywalker from Starwars that many fans and neutral fans alike have no love towards,. Because let's face it: no one likes a spoiled brat who whines a lot and gets his way, and I for one HATE their kind.

So you're likely asking, "WHY then did you create such immature characters if you hate them? Hypocrite much?".

Well the true reason why I made some characters like that was to make their character development more noticeable. When it comes to it, those immature/cheeky pricks they give more credibility when working within a story's blue prints. For example, Ruiz's and Tadeo's 'parole officer' was as corrupted as they come not giving a moment's thought for their well-being. Taking them lightly may have costed him his life as he got his ass handled to him by a bad ass raging magic bull. Karma's a bitch no?

Now it's not to say that he's dead (clearly by the story) and there is still much that I can do with that jackass.

So is there more? Of course there is. Ruiz isn't entirely a humble person as you notice but I promise that there will be a character that you would love and/or hate at the same time.

Monday, September 24, 2012

The idea behind Rey de Noches

I thought that I would get this out of the way considering that I always spend like a good 10 minutes telling others the story how and why I came up with the series Rey de Noches.

Now mind you, I am a very open-minded person. Thus growing up as a otaku, video game, book, and movie freak, there have been MANY inspirations for my passion in writing. But perhaps the reason why I wanted to be a writer, was credited to the Harry Potter book series created by J.K. Rowling herself. A true inspiration for fantasy lovers and children who like me, at the time, fell in love with fantasy. Yes I was naturally wishing that one day, my piece of work would be out there for people to enjoy. My first attempts in becoming a writer didn't succeed; I had taken interest in comics- particular manga- and failed to meet with a committed artist partner. I did try to learn how to draw and create my writing in picture form but I had to accept the fact that I wasn't meant for such work.

Thus my dreams for writing hit a brick wall. However I didn't give up at that point. I continued to write out stories in various genres hoping that it would attract potential comic/manga artists. After some time, I came up with the idea of Rey de Noches sometime during 2008...

During 2008, I continued to seek out potential partners as I laid out my ideas openly to them. Now Rey de Noches was NOT my main interest; it was simply a idea that occurred in my mind to do a world where it's always night time which to me, was 'mystical' and 'fantasy' like in a way. 

Over the course of the next 2 years, Rey de Noches continued to be a side project where I slowly added ideas to it. My first thought was: "Why is EVERY fantasy setting set in either Europe or Asia?". This was the deciding factor in what type of setting I wanted to create. I wanted to be different from most main stream and given that Latin European cultures were rarely done or even acknowledged in fantasy settings, I thought that it would be interesting if a corresponding world existed giving reference to the Latin culture of the real world. Thus Latin America was the next thought that came to mind. 

We all know of the Spanish/Portuguese/French  conquest during the aftermath discovery of the New World. It bridged between two different worlds in a hostile relationship between the natives and their culture. What we see today in Latin American cultures is greatly influenced by the culture exchange between the Latin nations and the native tribes that lived there.

There's actually a lot of mythologies in Native American cultures as well as Latin American cultures. The potential with material such as that was endless in my view. By the time I realized this in 2010, I had decided to mainstream Rey de Noches into my writing career where I spent endless days and nights researching whatever I could learn from the history behind all Latin cultures that exist to today. As well as politics and historical figures. Non-Latin empires during the conquests such as the African slave brought by the conquerors played a important role as well. I decided to explore and web out the culture and historical connections as far as I possibly could. 

Finally, by 2011, I had gather all the material I needed to start off with. Only a few problems: How would this world work without a sun? What 'cultures' would exists and how would they differ yet remind the reader of the real life cultures that are referenced? Should I just write this in a novel format?

For the 3rd question, I decided that I couldn't wait to find a artist after spending a few years without finding people to commit. Thus I chose to do everything in a novel format. 

For the 2nd question, I actually had less trouble in 'changing' and merging/keeping, new and old order ideas. Such as 'keeping' the union between Mexico and all of central america. Where in real life, their Pre-Spanish cultures were very similar and related in tribal cultures but are currently separated by different political views. This made the settings/countries easier to come up with and their neighboring relationship. Honestly, history itself became more interesting once I was able to exploit use all the references that I learned from research. This also helped when choosing character names for what type of character I wanted in the story. Name references towards certain figures would match no? Like "Emeraldsia" is a reference to the real historical union between Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, and Panama known as 'Gran Colombia'. A reference to Colombia's rich quality of Emeralds. All of this was possible for the story background/setting that I needed.

Finally, the 1st question was the big one for the future of Rey de Noches. I mean, how can a world exist without a sun? How can you see anything? Why would the moon shine if there's no sun?
Let me tell you: this was NOT easy to work on.

The whole idea was what kept me at bay from really working on this story until the idea sparked in my mind. I found out some interesting science research relating to the possibility of worlds (well planets in this case) surviving without a sun. My research paid off as I found something unique.

Basically, it IS possible for a planet to give life without a sun. So long as there's a heated natural source in or on the planet itself. So this gave a perfect slot opening for involving magic. In all forms of fantasy, magic has always been portrayed as a 'plus' and 'advantage' in certain settings but never as a need. So I thought that making magic essential for the survival of a living thing, would connect all of the dots in the importance. It also played the role of a most valuable natural resource. It heats, it powers, it does it all. It also became a plot factor in the first book and the series itself leading to what you see on sale now~

So that's basically the origins on how and why I came up with the story. If you have any questions that I haven't clearly answered, feel free to ask~